Why Custom Limousine is Higher Priced

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  • 08 Aug, 2017
Why Are We A Higher Price? You pay for what you get!!!
Best Limo Service in Kansas City
Best Limo Service in Kansas City
When booking a trolley, luxury car or a bus for the night; price is always a major concept to take into consideration.  But what factors go into a company’s price? Have you ever wondered why Custom Limousine Inc . costs just a little bit more than other transportation business’s?
  • Chauffeurs are professionally trained in a classroom before any driving is allowed.
  • Chauffeurs are trained for all road regulations in the variety of vehicles provided.
  • Chauffeurs must pass a criminal, driving and personal background check.
  • Chauffeurs are regularly drug tested.
  • Chauffeurs are professionally uniformed.
  • Our cars are newer models and immaculately cleaned daily by a detailer.
  • Our cars are inspected by a professional mechanic every 3,000 miles.
  • When you call us the night of an event, a live employee will be available.
  • Custom Limousine Inc. has over 27 years of experience.

Luxury Transportation Service in Kansas City

Booking a luxury limo transportation vehicle for an event shouldn’t be based solely around price. However, when you book your transportation with Custom Limousine Inc. your overall price plays into professionalism, training, and safety.

Best Limo Services in Kansas City

By limoking 08 Aug, 2017
Send summer off with a gorgeous, scenic view of Kansas City, Missouri . Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City is home to history, art, beautiful architecture and world class entertainment.  Let Custom Limousine Inc. show you and your friends all that Kansas City has to offer with a customized tour of the city with a Kansas City Trolly Tour .
By limoking 08 Aug, 2017
Why Are We A Higher Price? You pay for what you get!!!
By limoking 24 Jul, 2017
U2 is returning to Kansas City for the first time since 2001, on September 12, 2017.  This will be one of the biggest shows Kansas City has ever seen, and Custom Limousine wants to make sure your night is just as big and incredible with a concert limo or party bus rental of your choice.
By limoking 24 Jul, 2017
Summer is at its peak point; therefore it is time to begin planning late summer and early fall winery tours and trips. Custom Limousine offers luxurious trolleys, buses, and limos to take your guests on the journey of a lifetime around all of the best local wineries in the Kansas City area.
By limoking 11 Jul, 2017
What is a party bus ? Simply stated it is a vehicle used for recreation and entertainment purposes. Most party buses are modified to seat many passengers and provide luxury transportation to and from your destination. Lights, music, and even bars are included to ensure the guests are as happy as possible. A party bus  in Kansas City also allows for friends and family to dance around and mingle together.  This is an ideal situation for a new type of socialization and adventure.
By limoking 29 Jun, 2017
Custom Limousine Inc. has yet another reason to brag about our luxury limo services in Kansas City . We went all the way to Las Vegas, and picked up a new extravagant vehicle fresh from the floor show pieces. The new party bus is known as the Mercedes 3500 Sprinter . It comes equipped with two 40″ HD TVs, ice bins, and champagne glasses on a wood furnished bar. We wanted to bring a Vegas style of partying to Kansas City.
By limoking 28 Jun, 2017
Are you tired of being out of the loop on planning, special offers and discounts?  Well worry no longer because Custom Limousine Inc. now offers a texting feature so customers can chat directly with our limo company to ensure they stay up to date with all the best offers and promotions. Shoot us a text at 913-441-2674 .
By limoking 08 Jun, 2017
It’s that special time, so make it an adventure of a lifetime.  A friend is getting married, so show them the night of their lives with their closets friends and family.  Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are made to focus on fun, adventure and lots of drinks.
By limoking 08 Jun, 2017
It’s your special day, your beautiful wedding ceremony just concluded and you’re officially married to the love of your life.  It’s time to take pictures with loved ones and close friends, but you wouldn’t want to make them drive, would you?  To help make your special day run smooth and efficiently, book a limousine or a wedding party bus with Custom Limousine Inc.
By limoking 25 May, 2017
The world of business life is fast paced and demanding.  Let Custom Limousine Inc. take some of the work off your shoulders and provide your company with luxury corporate transportation to and from your business meetings or the airport.  With a fleet of premier cars at your disposal, and fast reliable service, Custom Limousine Inc will ensure the best possible experience for your business, partners and clients.
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